Apr 2016 22

MTV with collaboration with VPA give track for free download.

This track is used in Usa/Italian documentary movie about space and should be out at the end of the summer 2016.

Check more from Tiodor Darko music discography

Apr 2016 22




A – AS


P  .  L  .  A  .  N  .

Hello dear people,

as some of you know #vpanetlabel is lunching brand new interactive magazine.

We got few people around the world that already reporting via our mag and collecting art from real people who are creating art and practice specific way of living.

Soon the magazine will interview people from all around the world and representing their artistic ways of perception and the state of art in their everyday lifes, the dna of the spirit architects will be shown on


#vpanetlabel ’16

The Creator

Apr 2016 14

Ćuti written by Milenko Vujošević
Produced by Milenko Vujošević and Marko Živanović
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Marko Živanović @ Devotion Studios

Director: Lee Filipovski
Producer: Senka Nikolić
Director of Photography: Aleksandar Karaulić
Camera Assistant: Milan Platiša
Camera Operators: Marko Cile Mladenović and Milan Platiša
Focus Puller: Miodrag Miša Jelić
Dit & Tehnical Support: Davor Bosankić
Scenography: Mina Lazarević
Make-up: Snežana Crnoglavac
Costumes: Maria Marković
Tar and Feathers: Marija Jerinić and Eliana Katarina Polić
Dancers: Silvija Božić and Ana Djorić
Elderly Ladies: Bosa Novaković and Nada Baljak
Cast: Nevena Manojlović, Aleksandar Avramović, Željko Rakovac, Mirko Božović, Nicholas Jargić, Kosta Jovanović, Marina Simić, Borko Ristović, Marko Marković, Nadja Lapčević, Kristina Krsmančić, Vuk Bijelić, Nemanja Milojević, Milan Dimitrijević, Marko Živanović, Bojana Zorić, Tijana Zorić, Miša Peruničić

Apr 2016 09

VpaNetLabel REPRESENT to you via GoPro the awesome Danny MacAskill on an insane journey across the rooftops of Gran Canaria. Mixing vertigo-inducing lines and killer POV-footage, “Cascadia” delivers some incredible riding.

In collaboration with Mount Creative http://www.mountcreative.com/ and Vision Ramps http://visionramps.co.uk/

A Special Thanks to the wonderful people of Gran Canaria who opened their homes to us and helped make this project a reality.

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from http://GoPro.com.

To license clips from this video go to https://licensing.gopro.com

Apr 2016 09

Music by Markum


Album:  Magic Candy for the Senses

1 Bombardment of the Senses 5:42
2 Hard Candy 5:58
3 Keep’em On There Toes 6:18
4 I Can See You 5:34
5 Well Are You Ready 6:10
6 Command Code Error 6:00
7 Coming Down With the Funk 5:38
8 The Horde 5:03
9 The Horde II 5:03
10 Help Me Get Down 5:50
11 It’s Magic 5:50

Released 2013-04-30